Sunday, December 23, 2007

The scion inspects work in surprise visit

The scion of the Punjab's foremost political dynasty, Mounis Elahi, proved today that he's no slacker, that he can inspect it with the best of 'em.

Travelling incognito, he turned up completely unannounced at Liberty Market to inspect the work done over the Eid holidays by his legion of faithful followers.

The impression left on the innocent bystanders was deep - to say the least.

Such humility, such heart-felt acknowledgement of heroic, selfless service. Verily, the Punjab Social Welfare Department and the Elahi family have hit on a winning combination.


Anonymous said...


Mounis Elahi looks so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to vote for 'cycle' - even animals love PML Q :d
Corollary: Only animals love PML Q

alishah said...

well said, elahi's and punjab social welfare department are doing a great job in depriving people of their money.
It should be noted here that punjab social welfare secretary Shoaib Bin Aziz, has been made secretary of this department out of turn and has been especially promoted out of turn so that he could serve pervez elahi's political motives.He has also been alloted a residence in gor-1 just when pervez elahi was leaving this government, right before the elections.

Aileee said...

can you change the color of the arrows?

Anonymous said...

have you got more photos? some close ups of the mounis? :)

Anonymous said...

how can i join your team?